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OUR People...

Northern Haserot is committed to a “people first” philosophy. With over 300 full-time members, we believe that treating people with respect and dignity will empower them to work hard and be loyal to our mission every day. Innovative thinking, personal responsibility, community involvement, philanthropy and achievement are all characteristics that we encourage our people to grow in their careers and personal lives. Our customers are the keys to our success, but our people bring these customers to us with their tremendous relationships, attention and devotion to excellence.

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Our Distributor Sales Representatives are formally trained in product and sales knowledge utilizing company personnel and tours of our meat and seafood processing facilities.  As well, the salesforce is assisted by a product specialist team in meat, seafood, produce, equipment & supplies, and disposables.  It is the direction of the sales team to visit directly with their customers to exchange ideas, product recommendations and market trends, featuring local selections to each of their customers. 


As an independent distributor, we take tremendous pride in the fact that some of our drivers as well as warehouse personnel have more than 30+ years of dedicated service in receiving, shipping and delivering product to our valued customers.   The Operations Team, which is responsible for all general warehouse and delivery functions has more than 120+ employees working across a 3-shift operation. 


Our Administrative Team – Purchasing, Customer Service, Marketing Services, Accounting, HR & IT - is made up of over 30 seasoned professionals that are locally based in Cleveland, Ohio.  With an average tenure of over 15 years, these dedicated, knowledgeable professionals are constantly looking to provide the best products and services for our customers and their fellow employees. 

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