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Brandt Meat Company

Brandt Meats has the largest and finest selection of grades and cuts in the meat industry.

Highest Quality Brands and Grades - Every product sold by Brandt Meats, regardless of its grade or brand, is inspected and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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• Professional Cutters

Our journeymen cutters have been professionally trained and understand your specific needs.

• State-of-the-Art Processing & Packaging 

Efficiency at its finest, the most advanced equipment along with the finest packaging in the industry.

• U.S.D.A. Inspected Processing Facility

Integrity on the line, continuously certifying quality and cleanliness.

• U.S.D.A. Grading Program

Ensures that you receive exactly what you order.

• Independently Owned and Operated

Unwavering commitment to quality, customers, and the community.

• Committed Aging Program

Our aging program targets 30 days for optimum flavor and tenderness.

• We Do It Ourselves

Brandt Meats cuts your order... “just for you.”

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